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Stainless steel Oil Pot 1.7 Ltr Ismart



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The oil filter container has a non-stick coating inside and outside. The filter mesh is made of stainless steel. The kitchen oil container is also equipped with a non-slip coaster tray to prevent oil from dripping onto the counter. Small pour spout design works well to prevent any leakage. Multifunctional Food Strainer: Uses for bacon grease, cooking oil, coconut oil, bacon grease, fat, frying oil, hot oil and so on. Easy to Clean Grease Keeper: Just clean the oil storage container with soft fiber. The filter can't be soaked, if you clean the strainer, please dry as soon as possible, and the oil can't overfill the rivet. Grease Container with Strainer, Used Cooking Oil Container Deep Kitchen Fat Filter Pot Grease Keeper, Stainless Steel Large Frying Oil Disposal/Storage Can Kitchen Oil Container: The oil pot is made of iron with a fine mesh strainer and a lid ,it can filter out the residue in the oil and help you make better use of the cooking oil.

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Product Information


Stainless Steel

Product Weight

340 gms

Product Dimensions

14 x 14 x 18 Cm

Packing Dimensions

17.5 x 15.5 x 19 Cm

Package Content

1 Pc

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