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4 Pcs Anti Vibration Pad for Appliances(Medium) Ismart



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Product Description

This pad has the effect of shock absorption, noise reduction, anti-vibration. The smoother the ground, the stronger the gript. And it won't scratch your floor.
Washing machine foot pad is made of high quality resin fiber plastic and TPU glue. It has good bearing capacity, toughness and wear resistance, moisture resistance, corrosion resistance.It can provide you with long-term services.
When the dryer or washing machine is completely shaken, or the furniture is moved, they will make unpleasant noises.
Suitable for washer, dryer, fridge or other machines or furniture need to raise the height and keep steady.

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Product Information


Plastic + Rubber

Product Weight

220 Grams

Product Dimensions

8 x 8 x 3.5 Cm (1 Pc)

Product Dimensions

20 x 20 x 10 cm

Package Contents

4 Pcs

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